The table in the new iPoker software

The poker table in the iPoker software underwent a full overhaul, putting focus on those elements that are important to your game experience – from a simplified buy-in dialog to a clear display of who’s the active player and how much time is left to act.

Control the game

Redesigned table

The new table design reduces fraction and puts focus on the elements of the game that are really important to you while playing. Information such as stack and pot size are more visible. Active players and time left to act are easier to recognise. Functions like sit out, chat, session statistics and the rebuy option are just a single mouse click away.

Know where you're standing

In-game tournament lobby

Tournament players will appreciate the new in-game tournament lobby, which gives you access to all the vital information such as maximum, minimum and average stacks and how you compare to them, blind levels, payout information and current player rankings. This tournament info can be opened with a single click at any stage of the game.

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